Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Prestwick Carr like much of the north is flooded and looks like remaining so for the duration. As yet nothing unusual attracted although the fresh water tends to just see larger numbers of the resident birds with rarities requiring older more rank pools. Lapwing numbers are up over 500 with Golden Plover 300+ subject to tides. Many Black headed gulls with only a sprinkling of Common and Herring and despite a decent search no Meds yet. Pied Wagtails abound the edges of the flooded horse fields but few Pipits and only 20 or so Fieldfare and Redwing. The Short eared Owls remain and probably having an easy time of it as Mr Pringle reports many voles attracted to the high ground where he stores his feed for the ducks. As for ducks up to 8 Shelduck with Mallard and Teal in abundance but rarely seen as was a single male Wigeon which called from the flooded reeds yesterday but couldn't be spotted. That leaves the PC list on a measly 104 for 2015.
Wellies needed to get up the Bridle track with care to keep to the centre and if the wind is blowing waders would be better. Three Whooper Swans (2 adults with a juveniles) visited on Monday who steadfastly ignored the attentions of a resident male Mute until it got bored and flew off. One juvenile Mute remains no doubt enjoying it's own territory for a change.
Overhead 36 Pink footed Geese west on Monday lunchtime and on occasion the flocks of Lapwing, Golden Plover and Starlings would join them after being disturbed only to return to the flooded pastures the the unseen threat had passed. Must get a Peregrine through soon!

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