Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Thank goodness the weathers broken. The weekend count was cold and dank but provided some 42 species with a further four in the evening. New to the list was Grasshopper Warbler but the reeling was hardly impressive and yesterday saw the first resident Swallows at the smallholding with House Martin over my house.

Still a flock of 31 Fieldfare just south west of the sentry box feeding up for the trip and the Golden Plover were in the air most of Saturday morning contrary to my previous comments about disturbance!

Three Great Spotted Woodpecker territories with a male visiting my garden last night and at least three Long tailed tit territories although I've yet to locate the actual nests. Pair of Stonechat in the same place as last years nest and plenty of Chaffinch building nests. All the Blackbirds I saw were male suggesting females were nearby and the Curlews are all flying in pairs.

The Buzzard has taken to loafing around on the fence line between Prestwick Road and the bumpy road which, with the ground drying out, seems to have discouraged any Lapwings in that area although territories are being well to the North. All seems set for the season then.
78 Grasshopper Warbler
79 House Martin

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