Sunday, 12 April 2009


Out this morning on the basis of the St Mary’s Grasshopper Warbler but no reeling on the Carr, just Chaffinch having a fling!

Did find a singing Willow Tit which presents a good punt for those yet to add one to their year list. It was moving along bush tops alongside bumpy road between NZ187736 to NZ195736 and back, therefore giving a clear view rather than the normal skulking bush bird seen when you hear their alarm chur.

This bird seems to prefer five notes tsiu tsiu tsiu tsiu tsiu and then moves songpost . Only one bird so not sure if it’s mate finding or territory establishment but the last time I heard song regularly (that bird only did three notes) a nest was established within the area which was eventually successful.

Golden Plover flock still present numbering 374 last night but surely can’t be long till they head for the hills. I wonder if they go on mass or if this gathering is some kind of opportunity to meet a mate?

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