Sunday, 26 April 2009

Now that's more like it

Perfect weather for the best two weeks of the season with an excellent count of 53 species including those at Banks Pond. New arrivals of Whitethroat(3), Sedge Warbler(2) with my first singing Blackcap of the season anda lingering Fieldfare above the sentry box.
Warmth also brought out the Butterflies with lots of Orange Tips and smaller numbers of Peacock, Small White, Small Tortoiseshell, and Red Admiral.

Was just approaching the pond when a text came through regarding the Great White Egret at Arcot so made my way home and off there but the bird had only stayed briefly. Whilst standing with those assembled the Garganey flew in and a Lesser Whitethroat passed by so worth the trip. Was discussing the merits of photographing Grasshopper Warblers with JM (see his great shot on Birding Sometimes) and how I spent years photographing the bird, or not that is, as usually all you get is a speck in a yellow background. Now is the time to try though as they establish territories they will ‘reel’ against each other working their way up the reed or branch as they get more intense. My best shot came by chance whilst talking with JSB and EC, when a pair of squabbling birds came into the hedge next to us and I got this out of character shot. Bird does look a pit peeved though!

Choose a bright sunny day with a light breeze and best of luck! Yesterday four birds at two locations on the Carr with others heard at Arcot and either side of the metal box at East Chevington

25.04.09 Weather bright and sunny, light breeze 7.45-10.30
The list update for this week

80 Lesser Black backed Gull
81 Whitethroat
82 Sedge Warbler
83 Blackcap

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