Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Garden growth

Work and weather contrive to keep me at home and I look in trepidation at the greenery in the garden beginning to flourish in the wet weather. I'm no gardener but at least it will keep the birds happy and there's currently plenty of action. This morning ten Goldfinch graced the niger feeder whilst four Greenfinch preferred the sunflower hearts. I'm still getting regular visits by up to four male Reed Bunting with the occasional female also present.

At least a pair of Tree Sparrows visit daily and this morning a male joined in with the constant chirp ping of the House Sparrow flock which is occasionally interrupted by a mad mating frenzy. Better than the interruption last night from a male Sparrowhawk who seems to regard my garden as McDonalds. At least four of the available ten House Sparrow boxes appear occupied whilst my Blue Tit is defending the garden from all comers having chosen the east facing box this year. A pair of Dunnocks are building in the rear conifer hedge accompanied by much wing flicking when a third bird appears. I'm pretty sure the female Blackbird is on eggs as she only appears first and last thing watched by the male as she feeds with the Robin below the fat balls.

The Jackdaws continue building in my front conifer tree, the ground and my car below strewn with sticks and horse dung. Another pair is as usual in residence in the chimney pot with Starlings in the eaves at two locations. Pairs of Great Tits briefly visit on their regular routine whist Chaffinch numbers are rarely below five. A single Coal Tit visits the nuts occasionally and last week also saw a pair of Siskin and a male Bullfinch all of which managed to avoid the camera due to poor light conditions. Woody and his mate are in the laurel tree in the back paddock whilst a pair of Collared Doves prospect the busy front conifers. Magpies show the black and white every so often when there's some scraps about but my Pied Wagtail appears to have abandoned the rear flat roof now the weather has warmed up. Did I say warm.........well comparatively.

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