Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I see no ships!

But I do see plenty of water. Prestwick Carr is again inundated and Mayfair Cottage is once again in danger of being cut off.

Was out first thing this morning and the flood was taking a hold although the ditches were still flowing however by lunchtime the flow was only obvious in a backward direction i.e. out of the ditch and over the roads onto the central basin of land. The poor Meadow Pipit in the header pic was doing a passable imitation of a Tree Pipit singing from tree top to tree top as there was nowhere to land in that area.

I understand the Environment Agency may be actually diverting water onto the Carr in order to alleviate the pressure on Ponteland. Not too bad for the wildlife but I bet the farmers aren't too keen and neither are their stock. The goats are on an island.......

and the highland cattle have no field left to graze. The youngster looks pretty fed up by the situation.

Perhaps they should try grazing nearer Dinnington where some 'indoor gardener' has been disposing of their plants.

I've found all sorts dumped down this road over the years, normally builders rubble or house clearances, bits of Ponteland Golf course, jewelry and even a nurses uniform but now the place is truly going to pot!

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