Friday, 20 August 2010

Infernal towering

Was out tonight on Prestwick Carr hoping for Short eared owls but no joy. If they show it should be in the next month most likely in two weeks time. Resorted to taking shots of the tower again. Do you know that the don't need any form of Planning Approval for such structures as they are exempt. No comfort to a client of mine today who is suffering from the myopic attitude of Newcastle Planners........tossers. (how do you cross out letters Dusty B? must be some kind of Ctrl+ bollocks)

Met up with the Liverbirder earlier today who apparently got in some good harrier and sea watching. Of course if you don't wish to be photographed you don't stand atop a bloody great dune!


  1. Very, very clever! Poor subject, crackin' shot!

  2. Peter when you go to the post entry screen if you look across the icons you will see one that has ABC with a line through, click on that and then type the text you wish to 'strikethrough' don't forget to click again when you're finished to take it off, just as you would on bold/italics.