Thursday, 19 August 2010


I notice that the current issue of 'The Northumbrian' has an article about a perambulation of my patch. Starting at Prestwick the writer heads up the bridle track to the Horton Grange Road then east past old Horton Grange, turning south toward Dinnington and back west via Prestwick Carr Road and the bumpy lane. Now the first and last parts are great but from personal experience walking the roads east and south is a torment. Anyway I expected the appearance of ramblers and this morning four were bravely walking the route in reverse. Standard appearance, grey hair (don't worry I'm almost there) stout boots, turned down socks and khaki drab but thankfully without the two walking poles and the map in a waterproof bib round the neck. Welcome to you all but please remember it's not exactly the Cheviot.
For those wishing fame, I notice that I have had an unusually high number of hits for my last post. I average 66 hits a post but the last about old Sykesy shot past the hundred mark toward 150. Now I would love to think it was my wit and humour or perhaps I have nicked some of Liverbirders readership but I suspect it was because I mentioned Hattie Jacques in the title so apologies to all those TV buffs searching for info into the dear departed marquee wearer who got a post about twitchers.
Speaking of which I believe I may have identified another blogger in the crowd I photographed. Ah mean if ahm not mistaken, ah say not mistaken thats young Foghorn there. Thanks again for the look through your scope at the Spotted Crake.

Today was spent travelling Northumbria with my folks which involves driving and relaying perfectly audible comments from my Dad in the front seat to my Mum in the back and vice versa. Deef or what! I also get the third degree about country houses who they seem to assume I know who lives in each and every one. A nice trip up to Kielder, picnic at Bakethin where my Mum, bless her, failed to see or hear any of the fifteen bird species present including Crossbill. Then back via Sidwood and the high road for tea (coffee actually) at Fontburn where the new 'Goats on the Roof Cafe' seemed to be doing reasonable trade although the single track road access isn't really up to it.
Interesting concept and I was glad to confirm that the said goats actually have the choice as to whether to spend their time on the roof or not.
I've just Googled Hattie Jacques, Sykes and Blogger which comes up 3rd on the list. Mad.

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