Friday, 29 October 2010

Colour on a grey day

After completing the weeks torment I drove up to North Seaton in the hope of re-living some moments from earlier in the year. The wind was blowing, the sky grey, the atmosphere appropriate for a cemetery and the trees near the gate devoid of my target but over toward the housing estate was a similar tree in which a number of birds were perched. A quick look through the bins revealed a familiar profile and a slightly grey appearance. I counted around forty and made a report to Birdguides as only a single had been noted earlier in the day.

The birds were dropping down into the nearby gardens and then the flock lifted and flew over the houses to Swallow Close where I found they were feeding on four or five heavily fruited and very colourful trees. I dashed off a couple of pics but the birds were very flighty and returned to their favoured tree. Unfortunately being a residential area I felt it would be inappropriate for a old geezer in camouflage gear to point his equipment at the houses as the police would surely be called so I made do with watching a further two fly pasts where I revised my count to sixty or so birds. sooner had I returned to try and catch them perched in their tree they were gone, probably off on a shopping trip to Asda to stock up for the weekend.


  1. I did once see a good flock of waxwings on a trading estate at Cramlington and they were great to see.