Sunday, 31 October 2010


Saturday brought sunshine and a spring in my step as I headed out for a count on Prestwick Carr. Lower numbers of birds than last week with the influx of Scandinavian tourists having moved through although Redwing and Fieldfare were present in small numbers up the range bridleway. Interesting was the appearance of five Siskins and could it be a White Wagtail. Now I know autumn records of this species are notoriously risky but I publish one of three crappy record shots and invite advice / abuse as deserved.

Definately number 107 on the 2010 list however were two female Goosander flying south as I headed back home along the bumpy road.
After a brief spot of business it was off up north stopping initially at North Seaton where Johnny had just found and lost some Waxwings so headed to the other side of town where Tim and Tom were patroling outside the cop shop as a mobile flock of thirty or so birds made life difficult for that perfect shot.
Then off to Cresswell and Druridge where AG was leaving having described the bleak view from the hide. In the vain hope that Mondays Slav Grebe may suddenly appear out of the bleakness I set up shop where shortly I was joined by Brian and then another chap and we watched as Tufted Ducks, Wigeon and Coot fed in front of the hide.

It was interesting to note that the Wigeon, normally a grazing duck, were swimming alongside the Coot letting them dive to retrieve some weed then nicking bits off as the stems were broken up by the Coot feeding. More interesting perhaps was that the Coot, a bird that is normally quite fiesty especially amongst themselves, seemed to accept this without complaint and most of the squabbling was between male and female Wigeon. Brian mentioned he had also seen this type of mutual feeding with Gadwall.

Nice to meet so many bloggers out and about and managed to remember their real names which unfortuantely more than I did with the others I met. My apologies if any of you are out there.

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  1. Thanks for the namecheck (i don't think). Now i'm going to have to post a couple of crappy pics.....nothing new there then.
    Nice seeing you anyway.