Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Extra day

Just had to post on a day that only occurs every four years. Trouble is work has meant I haven't got many new images so its same old stuff. Owls still present, at least eight last night and the Shrike remains.
I was up early to try and catch up with my paperwork but the first thing I heard when I opened the back door was the plaitiff call of the Curlew. Ah! just so nice and so very tempting to take the extra day off!! The flock has built to 40 and spring is well and trully on its way, then I looked at my garden and realised everything is growing. Bugger, I don't have time to tidy the house never mind the garden. The 'benefits' of being solo. I suppose I could spend the day on a street corner and hope that a passing millionairess drops onto her knees in front of me. Then again no. It might cramp my birding and other activities I can engage in without reproach.

Speaking of clandestine activities some bastard has dumped his crap on the Carr. Another house clearance specialist without any decency or morals. Scum bag.

I wonder how long it would take to shove those bottles where the sun don't shine. Fly tippers deserve nothing less.


  1. Peter,

    have you reported it at

  2. Peter,

    you can also report it here locally


  3. Litter/rubbish in all way, shape and form is a blight on our beautiful country. These people are indeed the lowest of the low.

  4. When I quickly looked at the first picture of the rubbish I thought someone had dumped a Scarecrow. A very sinsiter scarecrow

  5. Funnily enough i thought i was looking at a guy fawkes guy initially.

  6. My neighbours beat me to the report and the council have subsequently re-cycled the scarecrow

  7. Parakeet is back to the Horse Chestnut Tree at Prestwick. The very day the buds burst it appeared - how does it do that? Absolutly amazing!! It loves to peck at the new leaves and then discards them onto the ground. No doubt in the next few days we will see it walking along the windowsill looking at it's reflection and doing a display - to a mate(its reflection)I assume.