Thursday, 2 February 2012

Getting lighter

Yes the days are stretching out giving more SEO time. A nice burst of sunshine yesterday afternoon saw at least six out hunting but after grabbing a couple of shots the cloud rolled in from the east and the birds perched up.
I don't know whether its to adjust their vision but they currently have a habit of hunting early afternoon and then as the sun sets they perch up for half an hour or so before beginning the evening shift.

As you may gather I never get tired of watching them.

The birds also seem to disperse in pairs so I think there is some bonding going on although it's difficult to tell whether the occasional altercations and frequent calling are food fights or come on games. Last night I watched two battleing over prey high up before a Kestrel joined in hoping for an easy dinner.

I wonder if they are really as grumpy as they look or maybe it's just pesky birdwatchers and photographers.

The Shrike hasn't been seen for a week so after ten and a half weeks it headed off home. Nothing added to the list for a week now but am looking forward to some arrivals. Check out Wanstead Birder for a Wheatear countdown.

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  1. Great set of shots, you can never tire of seeing SEO's.