Saturday, 11 February 2012

Whoop whoop

Not exactly steaming on the patch at the moment, in fact more photographers than birds and an exposure of unusual numbers given the lack of activity. Two Whoopers graced the horse paddocks along with a single Greylag that has been there a few days and I fear is injured. I really did try to turn them into Bewicks but even my eyesight couldn't be that bad.
Owls still aplenty with 5 flying before a ringing excursion flushed another five! The birds are now very widespread and equally likely to be hunting the road verges (assuming they're not clogged up with camouflaged snappers) as open fields. I hope we get some good returns from the results. I was amazed when I researched that the longest lived ringed Short-eared owl in the UK was just 6 years 7 months and 21 days. Other owl species recorded are from 10 to 21 years and the general consensus is that Short-eareds should live to 13. It is perhaps notable that the longest lived SEO was recovered shot so whilst recovery of the species once dead may be difficult is not the low life expectancy more down to man?

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