Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Post after post

As I roll up to my 500th post I've been looking for something special to celebrate and indeed Monday / Tuesday evenings looked like providing it unfortunately however it will have to wait a while. The Carr list has moved on by two to 102 and my county list by one to 269. Last night flushed a Cuckoo from the top of the range bridleway and a big bird passed through but the only photo's obtained were Buzzard........
and Black headed Gulls each with their own post. Ok, if you look closely there's a couple of Common Gulls in amongst them. As you can see the Carr remains flooded although not obviously so due to the length of the grass. I can't see how any farmers are going to make hay this year, with the ground so saturated access is almost impossible and much of the grass will be left to rot down. Let's hope it benefits wildlife as a result.

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