Friday, 6 July 2012

UK rain

Another day of deluges today but yesterday was quite pleasant so after a bit of work I spent the afternoon at Druridge watching the Long and the Marsh of things. No decent photo opportunities until just as I was leaving when this slightly moulty male Stonechat put in a pose or two. A detour on the way home for a non showing Rose coloured Starling was fun but the thought of having to make up the work time today dampened the evening as if any more dampening was necessary!
Speaking of deluges my last post, boring and teasing though it was, went big in Ukraine from where I have had 1365 hits in the last two days. Either somebody out there is keen on posts, or it means something very different, no doubt rude or insulting. My apologies and Biтaю
Ah! the wonders of a translation app. Lets just hope it hasn't conned me into insulting them further!

1 comment:

  1. Can't match your number of hits form Ukraine, but I have had approx 500 from Eastern Europe this week. It seems attracted to my Bittern By Love post from early this year. I assume they will be disappointed as it's about the Bitterns at Gosforth Park.