Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Buzzed off

I bet you thought you'd seen the last of Bee-eater images now the young bird has hopefully flown to warmer insect laden climes.
Of course, now the bird has gone missing I was called down to Sunderland on business so stopped off to check. Three camouflage clad, bin wearing birders were still there staring forlornly at the aerial where the bird had been. I nipped round the corner to the deli for another two small mince pies at 55p a shot (bargain) and returned where the shift had changed but no Beeter was present.
As I stuffed my face with pie a wasp landed on the windscreen so the nest which had provided good fare for over a week still had some inhabitants which had evaded the bonny predator as it looks like the one above did. (No John, it's not a smut on the sensor!)


  1. That's the Bee-eater images out the way, what about the Waxwings ??

  2. Oh I couldn't be so mundane as to post Waxwing shots.

  3. Peter,

    so your not one of the legion of fans John mentions in........

    I think you win the competition of a pic of the Bee-eater with the most aerials in though