Sunday, 4 November 2012

Spitting B's

So I was as I spent Sunday lunchtime under my parents sink battling with the marvels of push fit plumbing and the unblocking of same whilst accidentally loosening the washing machine water supply and having to block that particular source of water. Intentions of a trip to Seaburn went well and trully down the plug hole so a Bulleater is the best I can offer for brightly coloured individuals.
What's worse some B (which I emphasise stands for Birdwatcher) reported Waxwing on my patch at a time when I was present busy counting winter thrushes.........
and ice skating Pied Wagtails. It was that bloke in the red car I know it! Anyway, it was a pleasant fresh mornings walk before the call that sent me into plumbing hell.
Yesterday was also pleasant although an afternoon spent in the hide at Cresswell failed to find any bearded tits other than on my chest but did observe Jack Snipe, White fronted Goose, Long tailed Duck and a Short-eared, Barn Owl, Kestrel battle over the dunes. I failed in my photographers duty to record the event and the shots of the Snipe were pretty dodgy. Could be of a song in there...Stop stop bobbin....don't fret I'm just Pretending.

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