Thursday, 1 November 2012


I had a dream last night where hundreds of Pied Wagtails exploded from the roof of my house! Truth be told when I looked this morning there was only one but posing nicely and I suspect I know what the dream was really about. Probably caused by the stress of the week. My poor old car had to bite the dust. Just no life left in the thing but it's been a good servant and a shame to consign it to the crusher. Those that know me will not be able ascertain when I invade their patch as the old bird crap covered Astra is no more and I'm keeping my new wheels secret so I can do so covert bid watching missions.
I took this video at the weekend hoping to get pictures of this gull paddling the ground to attract worms. I missed most of the paddling but managed to catch some five live football commentary by accident which seems to match the action!

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