Sunday, 9 December 2012

Grainy Northern Diver

Saturday dawned and after a goose count on the Carr I re-charged batteries and headed up to Bothal Pond to catch up with the Great Northern Diver. Stopped off just west of the pond as Stef M and another chap were set up wth camera and scope looking at the Canada Geese flock. I joined them and they guided me to the four or was it more, Todds species. Quite different when you get the salient features but they seem to disappear into the flock with ease. The light was good and I thought I spotted the diver near the road so drove through the flood to observe. No diver to be seen therefore off for a bite and quick look at Cresswell where the wind was bleak so headed home stopping once again at Bothal.

This time the bird was showing well and got reasonably close but the light had gone so I ended up with shots that look like black and white even though they were shot in full colour......honest. That's one serious beak its got though.

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