Sunday, 23 December 2012

Still waiting

Saturday dawned with the thought 'aw crap, I'm still here'. What's worse it's chucking it down and no hope of getting out. I reflected on Fridays promised doom and how so many people seemed to want to spend their last mortal moments in a supermarket.
Sunday promised better things with sunshine forecast but I must have missed the bit about a howling gale. This is now the second time I've written this, the first being curtailed by the usual power cut. Dinnington! may as well be the back of beyond cut off from the world cut off by power failures, flooding and roadworks although I notice they have cleared most away for the Christmas break however they have also given up all pretence of trying to deal with the water run off from fields. Looking back through my photo's from this year the Carr has been flooded since the last week in April with major top ups in June, September and December. Only one other keen birder out this morning, somewhat of a contrast to last year!

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