Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Gods county

Weather and work has contrived to limit my activities and therefore birding but I took the opportunity to go to Otterburn today on business and chastised myself for not getting away more often. The snow had largely cleared, the wind was fresh and cold with all the sheep still close by the road for shelter and feeding.
But best of all it was lonely and bleak although I'm sure those that have to live there don't appreciate it so much.


  1. There's something about the mixture of bleakness and tranquillity that draws me to places like that. It's probably why I love Scotland so much.

    The special birds associated with that landscape add to the pleasure.

  2. I turned around at the border as I didn't have a Visa but tend to agree

  3. Great scenery! Makes me homesick...I should get back to Northumberland more often. Not much scenery like this in Norfolk, nice though it is.