Saturday, 9 February 2013

Green shoots

As I left the house this morning I realised I had too many layers on as the weather was almost warm and the wind had abated. Shoots of Daffodils are beginning to show and the singing of Greenfinch and Blue Tit was on the air. As I ventured down the bumpy road Great Tit, Robin and Chaffinch joined the choir all getting ready for another season.
At the bridge near the golf course a Willow Tit took seed put down on posts for some of the other more familiar songsters whilst a Robin gazed whistfully into the air before taking food from the same source.
The warmth had prompted a hatching of flies and two Long tailed Tits were catching them joined by a Goldcrest on the way back home who seemed a bit spoilt for choice.
This added to the 2013 list which had stagnated of late and  jumped three to 67 with Grey Partridge and Jay also new this morning.

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