Sunday, 3 February 2013

Rail road

Not impressed by having to work Saturday I was pleased to get down to the Carr late afternoon where the wind had abated and CW had just finished feeding the Robin and was looking for larger targets to photograph. After a short chat and just as he was about to head off a Short eared owl appeared as if by magic and started hunting to be joined shortly after by another pictured as a blur perched just left of the grey box.

The flying bird was the same as seen earlier in the week just after an encounter with a Buzzard having P8 on the right wing missing although I don't think it was the argument that caused the feather loss as on being challenged the owl just spiralled upward and away.
I checked Birdguides just before writing this and found that Morgan who I met last week on his way to look for owls had a result of different sorts. Nice one mate (ouch, I really shouldn't clench my rotten teeth you know)

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