Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hare grazing

Out sharp the last two mornings in search of Pied Flycatcher which is another addition to the PC list but unfortunately not mine. The advantage of being around at that time is that you catch some of the residents still breakfasting. I managed to sneak past them twice helped by the withering wind but eventually my scent was just too much even for the gale and off they went. Difficult making an efficient getaway with all these woolly lumps lying around.
This morning the wind had gone and in sunny conditions with the lightest of breeze the warblers were in song with the exception of Sedgie which has yet to grace the Carr with its presence. The scores today - eleven Willow Warbler, six Whitethroat and five Grasshopper Warbler. Almost back to normal service for the time of year but the flashes have dried up so other than Wagtails, Pipits and Wheatears the chance of good waders looks slim.

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