Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Patch update

Despite the lack of migrants which is probably a good thing considering the weather the PC 2013 list has crept on. Clearance of the ditches north of the sentry box has seen running water which has attracted a Kingfisher which I've flushed the last two evenings and am now hoping to stake out. Some hope as my view to date has been a flash of turquoise disappearing under a bridge then over fields to escape! Also heard was a Grey Wagtail and seen a possible White Wagtail in the horse fields.
These fields also attract gatherigs of Golden Plover less than recent years numbering up to 150 rather than the usual 500 but some splendid summer plumage birds if only I could get close. Two Dunlin added nicely to the total but Curlew, normally up around 40 - 80 were late arriving and have peaked around 30 birds. Lack of worms due to the flooding suspected as the reason. The water levels are beginning to drop but Ducks are ever present with plenty of Mallard and Teal joined by pairs of Tufted and Wigeon at Banks Pond and a pair of Pochard which I missed. Two then three Oystercatcher have returned to breed along with a pair of Lesser Black back Gull and both Grey lag and Canada Goose are well established.
My emergency feeding regime has attracted Willow Tit, Dunlin, Great Tit and Reed Bunting in order of safe distance but one Robin still demands a hand feed on occassion. Water Rail and Buzzard are very vocal with Magpie and Long tailed Tit clearly nesting. Recent days have seen the ground dry enough for the farmers to be out ploughing and hopefully spring is around the corner. The list rests at 76.

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