Saturday, 20 April 2013

What's that yellow thing?

Well initially it was the sun but that in turn attracted a smart male Yellow Wagtail to the patch. The day had started well and whilst being berated on the phone I watched as three Sand Martin and two Swallows fed behind my house. Commitments meant it was 3.00pm before I eventually got free and headed to the Carr where the remaining flash water in the horse fields was clearly the best spot.
The fields were lifting with Meadow Pipit and Pied Wagtail amongst which were at least four White Wagtail who fed with the Yellow chappie quite close to the road at the west end.
Further north at the back of a field the largest patch of water had 48 Curlew and a couple of Lesser Black back Gulls. Two birds standing apart from the rest attracted attention and scoping eventually found one to have the smaller bill of a Whimbrel although would you believe heat haze was a problem! This being the most difficult to observe is almost certainly the spot where rarer waders will hopefully shortly be found.
Back nearer the road the ditch has recently been cleaned and the muck left at the field edge must have been attracting flies as at least five Wheatear darted about the place occasionally posing for passing photographers. To complete the day two singing Willow Warbler were found bringing the tally for the year list from 80 to 86. Now for the weekend.

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