Friday, 17 May 2013


Thanks to a text from Crammy Birder, prior to commencing the days torment I headed off to West Hartford and along with a few others and added life tick 277 to the list. As I walked in to the site I met the finder of the Black Kite, Liverbirder heading off to do his duties and was surprised at the excellent views of the bird perched in strong sunlight. It stayed put for a further fifteen minutes or so before being pestered by a Crow and flying briefly and putting down again. Then, it must have determined the days work must begin and started soaring, drifting across in front of us before gaining height and eventually becoming a spec in the distance. The excellent views were somewhat dampened by the malfunction of my equipment meaning I could only save these crappy images from the under exposed blackness.


  1. Peter,

    It is with great regret that I read that your equipment is not exposing properly.


  2. Maybe it's because I went via Arcot and kept everything under close guard thereafter.