Thursday, 23 May 2013


This years young Collared Dove hanging around the back of the house as its parents get down to brood No2. Daft thing flew into the kitchen the other day as I went out to fill the feeders and managed to knock everything off the window cill before I ushered it out. The Blackbirds are well on feeding their second brood in the nest whilst the first House Sparrows and Starlings are begging about the garden. Every time I go out the front door the Jackdaw brood in the tree start screaming on whilst the Blue Tits in the back box look ready to start feeding their young soon. Hope the weather improves as I can't see many of the smaller green caterpillars that are their staple diet surviving the deluge.
Stuck commuting between home, Cramlington and the Freeman Hospital over the last week so am looking forward to a bit of freedom at the weekend having missed all the highlights on Holy Island. Managed a try for the Ortolan Bunting at Newbiggin but couldn't find it although I got a new job in the process so no harm done.

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