Sunday, 12 May 2013

Running rings

I can't remember which camp comedian had 'chase me' as his catchline but this Ringed Plover was from the same school as I checked a nest site that I've watched regularly over the last few years. It's in an industrial area on the coast and fairly heavily trafficed by dog walkers, fishermen, bikers and a variety of ne're do wells. The nest though is, or was, in a secure fenced enclosure with very rare access. On Thursday after ticking Collared Flycatcher I visited and as I walked round the enclosure was amused by this bird who landed in front of me quite close and watched me over its shoulder whilst teasing me to come closer but always walking away from the nest site. I played the game having already seen the sitting bird from a distance and got the benefit of some close shots.
I checked again yesterday to see if they had hatched young but couldn't locate them which isn't a surprise as there is loads of places to hide chicks in the gravelled enclosure. As I returned to the car I did however find another bird nearby. As I sat in the car the bird seemingly convinced I had gone walked up the side of the fence to twenty feet away and snuggled down on what were presumably eggs outside the safety of the enclosure and in a very public area! Had the first nest been lost and she re-laid in a new location or was this another pair. As I contemplated with a degree of concern about the exposure of the nest a second bird approached the first and they swapped positions the new bird settling onto the eggs. I watched a little longer before starting the car and driving away. The bird never budged and hopefully will safely be there for the duration of the incubation.

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