Saturday, 15 February 2014


Thankfully not yet the problems of the south but Prestwick Carr is submerging slowly. Last Sunday a couple of chaps were clearing fallen trees out of the ditch heading north alongside the bridle track from Mayfair Cottage. Over the week they've (Environment Agency?) cleaned out the ditch just in time for Fridays deluge which has filled it, and all the other ditches up.
Last year in April they did the stretch north of the sentry box and west of the crossroads but by July it looked like this
and this morning like this.
Pretty much an endless task and no doubt similar to the problems of the Somerset levels. I checked Bellasis at lunchtime and the Rivers Blyth and Pont are both full so there's nowhere for the water from the Carr to go but upwards. I suppose it makes a change from it constantly falling down.

PS the drain cleaning was done by Landmarc the company that runs the Rifle Range. Nice work chaps and lady.

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