Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sounds of the season

Out this morning first thing to be greeted by the sound of Curlew first calling then singing as three emerged from the central flood and headed north. Another eight in the horse fields bathed whilst a sole Oystercatcher peeped no doubt waiting for a mate. Twelve Golden Plover called overhead but a flock of thirty Lapwing skulking in the grass remained silent.
I noticed last week at the coast that the Skylarks were in full song yet on the patch there is movement overhead birds calling but no outright song. Chaffinches and Dunnock were the most prevalent singers with three Linnet over being another addition to the year list now standing on 66.
Water levels have dropped 18 inches or so but the fields remain waterlogged and hope for the arrival of more waders and ducks is high. Two Wigeon were flushed near the horse paddocks and Water Rail are sharming from all areas. Perhaps the lack of dry grassland is putting the Skylarks off setting up a territory.

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