Monday, 28 April 2014

No wry smile

But a bloody big grin as I finally caught up with one of my bogey birds. I have tried for Wryneck four times previously and once at this very same location of Whitley Bay Cemetery. I thought I was on the same result as after an hour no sign and with at least ten birders wandering around things looked bleak.
Then a scurry of activity and ASJ was pointing the bird out to someone. As the throng approached it flew three or four times eventually ending up in one of the gardens alongside the cemetery. Then it re-appeared and I got my first view of it perched in a tree. Magic.
Better was to come as the bird came to the ground and started feeding. All my early shots were from behind the bird and just as I got round the front it flew to the other side of the cemetery. All the birders moved there en mass at unusually low speed showing due respect as a funeral party had just entered the chapel.
The bird was easily re-found and we all enjoyed twenty plus minutes of excellent views as it fed and occasionally posed on gravestones.
Even as we had all had our fill and were heading for home the bird showed well on the path near the gates and became surrounded by watchers. Well worth losing a few hours of work.

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