Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Out of.contact

No broadband in much of Dinnington so it's out with the phone.
Tonight 28 Pinkfoot Geese beside 2 resident Greylags in the horse paddocks with Golden Plover and Curlew calling. Large Starling and Fieldfare flock up the range track with pairs of Ducks and up to five Herons flying around.
PS Ah back home and I'm re-connected after days so type face re-configured and photo's added. Apparently the lighting storm last Friday shorted out much of the area and Openreach have been here ever since trying to sort it out. I've heard that the main box in many houses was blown and that BT are quoting £285 to repair it when the face plate where the blown capacitor is located can be renewed for £12.95. Good old rip off Britain.

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