Saturday, 12 April 2014

Patch update

Just ticking as the first Willow Warbler arrived last Sunday but was too busy feeding to give much song or pose. It wasn't till the sun of Friday morning when I got a multiple count of 3 on the bumpy road and two up the bridle track. A Grasshopper Warbler made a half hearted attempt at a reel near the flagpole on the bumpy road but most audible were chipping Snipe which eventually progressed into full display joining the many Meadow Pipit doing the same. The Curlew flock hasn't broken up yet and is around 40-60 moving between the remaining flashwater in the central area and the horse paddocks where the Golden Plover flock varies between 20-200 dependent of tide state and amount of disturbance from the horsey girls.
There are frequent over flights from pairs of Greylag and Canada Geese along with various numbers of Mallard all confirming their pairing for breeding. Two Oystercatcher affirm their partnership with noisy greetings to the west of the horse paddocks where a pair of Lesser Black back Gulls also linger as they have for the last two years.
Earlier in the week I was lucky to catch 9 Crossbill leaving the wood and heading south early morning and a small gathering of around 20 Lesser Redpoll dancing across the top of the pines. No Swallows or Martins in the air yet but Skylark, Buzzard and Heron are regulars as the former will be quite shortly. I found this Pied Wagtail on Friday which appears to unsure as to whether to adopt male or female plumage.
Current pc tally then is 78 with only Peacock and Small Tortoisehell on the butterfly list to date.

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