Saturday, 25 April 2015

Blessed with water but not always where it's needed

This mornings count interrupted by the rain that was forecast just as I got onto a nice male Blackcap on the bridle track one of three found. Why does it always start to rain when I'm as far from home as possible? Good morning though with Willow Warbler numbers in double figures at least 4 Grasshopper Warblers and 5 Sedge Warbler singing but no Whitethroat as yet. I notice that the past few hot days have brought the Hawthorn into full bloom and dried up the flashes on the Carr. Two Wheatear were patrolling the remains of one but it looks, as in previous years, that the chance of any more passage waders is slim. Meanwhile at home I have a new water feature in the front garden courtesy of a leak from the mains connection. Good job I wasn't on a meter as it must have been running for weeks before the garden become waterlogged and became obvious.
I may just keep the trench dug to channel the water away and see if I get any toads. This one took advantage of this mornings shower to cross the bumpy road
Meanwhile this Blackbird has taken advantage of the island status acquired by my Berberis bush and has built a nest. Every cloud has a silver lining eh!

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