Monday, 20 April 2015


Two Yellow Wagtails was a splendid way to end a super Saturday although this shot was taken Sunday evening when no less than five Yellows were present in the horse paddocks with numerous Pied and a single Wheatear. Managed to muck up most of the shots although audio was the mode of the day on Saturday with a very early Cuckoo calling behind the wood morning and evening. Also in song male Redstart at the ruin and Sedge Warbler at the top gate on the bridleway but all managed to shut up the moment I attempted to record their song. Willow Warblers leaped into the teens with the unusual occurrence of standing below one singing in a tree whilst watching a flock of 20+ Fieldfare feeding in in a field at the top of the range bridleway. Always a good spot for late thrushes. There are still 100+ Golden Plover and Curlew some of whom are doing convincing Whimbrel noises but yet to get a positive ID. Eventually after spending most of the day out I ended up with 58 species including 5 new bringing the PC 2015 list up to 90. Now where's those Whitethroats and Swifts.

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