Tuesday, 7 December 2010


No Newburn actually. The ice floes were moving upstream with the tide this lunch time. Plenty of Black headed Gulls attracted by people putting bread out for them and even two folks feeding a colony of Cats next to the river and leaving a lorry load of rubbish into the bargain. I couldn't find my target for the mission, a Kingfisher, although nearly got clobbered by one in Ponteland Park later on as it took a short cut across a bend in the river! Three Song Thrushes drank in the Newburn and the usual Moorhens strutted their stuff. A pair of Bullfinch were feeding fairly acrobatically for Bullfinch but shots taken through the windscreen of a car are not to be recommended.

A rare ice beaked Gull flew past as his mates took the more sedate route on the river.

Wey hey these islands are un-commonly slippy as the Crow took full advantage of the bounty from the Greggs seconds shop.

Further downstream at the business park the Teal took advantage of the last sunlight of the day to do some dabbling amounst the flotsam trapped by the staithes.

Nice birds Teal and this stretch of the River Tyne can be home to 300+ at this time of year. My Webs count isn't for two weeks so hopefully there will be a thaw in the weather before then and the area will be Teaming with Teal.

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  1. It looks jolly cold there, peter, almost as cold as Redesdale. Love the gull flying by picture.