Tuesday, 21 December 2010


My depression at constantly dealing with the problems of the freeze and those others that just seem to pile in on top was lightened by a brief stroll yesterday afternoon, first at Newburn where three Bullfinches were feeeding near the visitor centre.

and the river was just about frozen across.

Then Prestwick Carr where there were few birds although the Curlews were still calling and Scottish Air Traffic Control was getting in on the act.

A burning sun set accompanied a cold moonrise

and now it's the shortest day and we can look forward to the days lengthening. Undue optimism methinks.


  1. Yes Peter it's the shortest day of the year ,things can only get better from now on (or at least a little lighter ).

  2. Even though I know it takes a few weeks to show the effect I always look forward to reaching the shortest day.
    Banks Pond, Damsels and Dragonfly here we come

  3. We have certainly turned a corner. It won't be long before those Wheatears are back!