Thursday, 2 December 2010

Two more

No not these two who are currently regulars along with two other Robins, who seem to have temporarily ceased any hostilities, and Woodys missus who never seems to visit at the same time so perhaps there's an estrangement in the Pecker family. Not often I get them in the same frame though and the snap shot taken on totally the wrong setting had to be 'rescued' in Photoshop.
The two more are additions to the garden list for this week being Black headed Gull who, being slightly more agile than the Common Gull who looked on in frustration, managed to land on the kitchen roof and Willow Tit who has been around for a few weeks now. Redwing almost made a visit a flock of ten heading my way diverted to a nearby tree and after a brief pause flew on south but it's only a matter of time before on or other of the Scandinavian Thrushes are driven into the garden by this wretched waether. In fact I'd be quite delighted to help a Song Thrush with a bit of feed but they seem few and far between these days.

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