Monday, 3 October 2011


Around 4pm as I lost all will to continue working I walked to the back window for a breath of air. There was one of the Doves and at the bottom of the garden a male Sparrowhawk alighted on the out of control Pussy Willow. The Dove stayed Stock still. What Wood happen. It was stuck between a Rock and a hard place. Things could turn Turtle and he would be Collared.

I'm not sure whether he was watching me or the Hawk but the stand off lasted three or four minutes. I didn't want to move in case I spooked it into flying off. Meanwhile the Sparrowhawks gaze searched the garden but he seemed oblivious to the Dove. Perhaps Sparrowhawks have Alien vision. Anyway I eventually sidled away to get the camera and even managed to adjust to get a better depth of field. I then moved to another window and just as I focused full frame on the Hawk he was off. Guarranteed bird scarer every time


  1. There's no point pigeon holing everything. Fer'all in it together!

  2. Oooh, I wish I could read in JaPunese so I could understand the flocking post and comments.