Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Many of the folk out for the Owl fest last evening mentioned a nice Wheatear at the first gate on the Carr. I have to admit I totally missed it but these are from Briar Dene car park the at weekend when I was out with Crammy birder.

The bird ran along the edge of the kerb and found a number of angles to keep a good eye out for us
and in so doing provided a number of photo opportunities.
I always love it when birds give you eye contact

Yesterday morning was spent hunting the Turtle Dove which of course appeared once the rain had ceased. Not as daft as this observer then. Here's Northumbrian Birding (right) just before the tree grabbed his cap and Wild up North (left) just before he successfully raided my patch.


  1. Oh ! Peter glad I didn't wear my red spotted wellies with matching hat !!!
    are there any photographic royalties
    involved here, I can accept cash or cheques !!!

  2. I only cough up for multiple exposure! Ask Howdon Blogger.