Sunday, 30 October 2011

Night owls

A Merry Christmas to all my....................oh not quite yet but may as well be. The dark days of winter have arrived and my exposure (photographically speaking) has been greatly reduced. Poor light levels, flocks of skitty birds and owls that refuse to break cover before dark.

Many who have come to see over the last week have left disappointed but if you wait till after six the Shorties will oblige although given the light available you have to take it on trust they are shorties. Last night one hunted briefly at 5.45 then disappeared before at 6.05 one then two then five all appeared out of the grass and perched on a fence before flying up high circling each other. Eventually six birds passed over our heads (two valliant individuals stayed for the bounty) and headed off North whilst two remained to hunt round the pond. Five minutes later they all re-appeared to the west and a bit more flying for fun seemed to be going on prior to individual birds heading off to hunt.

Tonight six becomes five and I doubt I can get back in time for the show although perhaps the owls may not have put their clocks back. More chance of daytime views in future I hope.

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