Sunday, 2 October 2011

No parade if it's raining

Here I sit at 4.17pm with lights ablaze and rain pattering on the window whilst I finish writing up last months bird records and start anew. The first count of October was unstartling with Dunnock the stand out bird finding eight over my 1km route which was shortened due to work commitments. Nasty horrible four letter word.

The PC list edged up to 106 with a Jay battling Magpies in the wood but despite how hard I look I can't find the Marsh Harrier that people are telling me about. The head on this bird looked promising but the markings and the fact it was soaring at high level just confirms Buzzard.

The two Pink footed Geese remain in the horses field one week after they arrived and there are still good flocks of Green and Goldfinch with a good few Goldcrest amongst the Tit flocks. The rain though means my nightly SEO fix may not happen.

I'll just have to do with sorting through the gigabytes of images I already have!

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