Tuesday, 10 January 2012


After cracking out some work early Monday morning I spent the afternoon in excellent sunlight and almost calm conditions at Prestwick Carr. Richard was there and put me straight onto the Shrike which showed well for about an hour. We eventually got quite close but the light was never just right and I with my dodgy mirror lens I managed to mess up most of my attempts.
Still a good looking bird even with the soft focus

We then met John and spent another half hour in the company of eight or more Short eared Owls as they hunted and squabbled. Again I was less than happy with my photographic efforts.

I like this one for the action qualities even if it is a blurry mess.


  1. I'm very pleased to see your perseverance with the Shrike rewarded. Great shot, in spite of your reservations about the light and a dodgy lens.


  2. Nice stuff
    Pics looking pretty good to me
    Still hoping for a local shrike this winter - plenty owls & harriers about.... must be one somewhere.....

  3. Thanks for the comments. Will keep snapping away,

  4. Recording all this interesting activity is slightly more important from some perspectives than the photographic quality - which does not bother me.