Friday, 27 January 2012


Heading up to look at a building near Wallington yesterday I stopped off at Bolam Lake and having got out of the car was debating whether to pay the exhorbitant £1.40 parking fee when six of these beauties glip, glipped overhead. Well actually there were three males and three females but I only caught sight of the females briefly on the roadside before they flew back up into a lichen covered tree. Obviously pairs collecting nest material I grabbed six shots before they headed off. I've been wanting to get up to Harwood Forset these last two weeks to see this very bird but work has intervened so a work visit eventually saved me the trip.
I did also have a walk around the Lake which was pleasant if uneventful. I was hoping for a Smew like a couple of years back but the usual ducks were boosted by two female Goosander and a splash of Goldeneye. Plenty of Mute Swans, Canada Geese and large flocks of Tits with calling Nuthatch and drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker all made getting back to work a bit of a hassle.


  1. Six Crossbills for £1.40 probably wan't too bad after all. But it would definitely have been a bargain with a Smew thrown in!

  2. Always nice to see Crossbills and to get pics too :-)