Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Off to the states.....not

Oh I'm such a lucky chap. Two tickets from American Airlines in my junk e mail. One to Chicago and one to Indianapolis strangely both costong 117.12 US dollars and neither telling me where I'm flying from. Another scam amongst the offers of canadian meds, rolex watches and the services of ladies. If you get one don't touch it. The instructions are to print the ticket but if you examine the file it's a self extracting program, no doubt of the...............phishing kind.
AJJ advises that the Great Grey Shrike was north of Big Waters on Monday again before flying off east. Heading home perhaps as I couldn't find it yesterday but plenty of Owls still even if the weather is crap.


  1. Excellent recent work - lovely studies.

    Re: phishing e-mails: Good advice. Also do not 'click' any links that offer to remove your e-mail from the data base. That's how pishers can tell if you are a 'live one'. Dump om sight!