Saturday, 11 August 2012

Darting about

Can't get one thing finished for starting something else at the moment but managed a few minutes at Banks Pond last night where a good few Dragonflies were on the wing...
along with plenty of Damselflies.
Nice to get a bit of sun to dry your wings.
On Thursday I took up the offer from the two Alans of a trip to Newton by the Sea where the Stilt Sandpiper was duly ticked and gave some good views through the scope. I'm so glad I put work on hold as the bird flew that evening so many thanks to the Big Waters crew. On the way back called in at Cresswell where three young Avocets were feeding and sleeping whilst the adults secured a 20 meter exclusion zone around them. Also a Long tailed Duck in the far distance which eventually woke up to reveal its identity. Now the payback and work all Saturday.

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  1. That third one down looks like Ruddy darter not seen any yet .