Friday, 3 August 2012

it's a love / hate thing

Quite cute for a pox ridden intruder it's sometimes hard to reconcile killing these little blighters but for the sake of our native species I guess it's worth the sacrifice. This chap was at the Reeth Pond near Newburn yesterday and wasn't unduly cautious of my presence but luckily for him I didn't have any means of playing terminator (not that I imagine I could).
I think there is some debate as to it being too late for Northumberland already. I know I see Greys regularly in the Tyne valley and understand they are as far north as Wallington. It was disturbing to hear that the once thriving Red population next to my patch on Ponteland Golf course was wiped out in a year. I haven't checked the Prestwick Carr woods in any detail but imagine the same would apply there.

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