Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ring ring

Having dipped on the Greenish Warbler at St Mary's Island for the second time I made my way down to the promenade and scanned the gathered throng. First out a ringed Black headed Gull known to Brian who recently published the history of T73.
Then another Black headed Gull. This time J9CE
Now a Turnstone which I'm sure I've reported before but can't find the record. Anyway left leg green over blue, right leg blue (or is that light blue) over red if anybody has the info or else I'll report it via the normal channels. Finally
Four Sarnies all sporting smart metal rings although two from left also has a blue coded ring but the photo was too distant to read it. Letter and two numbers methinks. They didn't hang around to give me a second chance!


  1. Good find(s) I had a juv Sarnie two years ago with blue ring but could not make out code. cr birding should have the answer.

  2. Peter, I have reported a few Turnstones from St Marys and get the replies back quite quickly but have never seen one with a blue ring on.