Friday, 17 August 2012

Fly Pi

Friday afternoon and having re-invented the wheel for the umpteenth time I checked t'internet in the hope of something interesting. Pied Flycatcher at St Mary's was just the excuse to down tool and head for the coast. Heavy clouds were rolling in from the west so to avoid a soaking I donated 80p to North Tyneside and parked at the south end. The whole wetland appeared in a very sorry state but past experience of such things told me the Willows to the north would be the area to check. Met Jack on the way there who confirmed the bird was there and no doubt had some pin sharp images already in the bag.
I wandered around for a while seeing nothing much and there didn't appear to be any birds let alone flycatchers. Then a birder who I recognise whose name I don't know advised me of a spot in the lee of the wind. Stood there five minutes and lo the little lady appeared to my left only to lift up after a fly and disappear for the next ten minutes after which she re-appeared for a more intense period of feeding. Smart birds flycatchers.
On the Carr tonight hundreds of Swallows gathered on fences in the horse fields and 15 or so Pied Wagtails, mainly juveniles, fed on the flood the flys from which added No 107 to the list on Wednesday being a Spotted Flycatcher.

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